In the proverbial ring that is the announcement of the Uniqlo pitch. Our simple, snug, all-weather hat that’s best at doing what it’s supposed to. The job.

Of course, by now – there would be the natty Panamas, expensive Fedoras, high and mighty Homburgs and more thrown in. All very fashionable no doubt, but not quite Lifewear, right? Not quite ‘made for all’ in the way a simple hat is. Not quite complementing anyone’s individualistic style, like a simple hat does.

You see, our humble little hat or might you call it a thinking cap, is what we wear ourselves. One that helps us connect with what’s going on in the heads of consumers. In your case 508,368,361 urban Indians, to be precise. One that helps us in unearthing what we call those ‘aha’ moments that make us a simple little agency that’s fiercely loved by our clients.

We know isn’t about flashy, showy products. Guess what, neither are we! We know Uniqlo is all about innovations, challenging conventions and making people look and feel better. Kind of what we’ve doing with all our clients. We have a feeling our hat is just the right kind of fit for Uniqlo. Simple, unassuming, highly effective – that’s you. That’s us.

For a more custom, fitted-trial you could drop us an email at, with the pitch-invitation, perhaps.